New Mexico


Grant, Hidalgo, and Catron counties occupy the southwest corner of New Mexico and have a combined population of approximately 34,765 people spread over 14,343 square miles. According to the US Census Bureau, 20-25% of residents live below the poverty line.


The Grant County Pediatric Healthcare Collaboration (GCPHC) brought One Degree to the area in 2020 to better meet the needs of local people. GCPHC is a multidisciplinary group of healthcare, families, and service providers who work with youth across all systems.  GCPHC formed in 2019 to evaluate service gaps and advocate for solutions. Members recognized that they were spending a lot of time looking up resources for patients/clients and making referrals across the entire age spectrum from infants to seniors.

As gatekeepers to vital resources, GCPHC wanted to empower people to find the information and services they need independently across all age groups.  GCPHC discovered One Degree and realized it could help everyone move beyond outdated paper binders and the knowledge base of any one person. The One Degree platform provides a comprehensive database of free resources to any person, community organization, government agency, or nonprofit. This makes it easier to access care for one’s own family, and organizations to share and manage referrals for their patients and clients.

Amplified Therapy, Grant County, Western Bank, Janey Katz, Dr. Twana Sparks, Western Sky Community Care, ILN Consulting, Hidalgo Medical Services, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have generously supported the One Degree project in southwest New Mexico.

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